Response of German Car Manufacturers to European Union Directive on Reducing CO2 Emissions from Passenger Cars

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This paper is about the European Union´s (EU) response to addressing the issue of Climate Change with the auto industry. This paper starts with examining the commitment of the car manufacturers to the issue of Climate Change and comments on how auto manufacturers are adopting different strategies to meet Climate Change goals and targets set by the European Union.The EU has been clear on aspects on which action is required. Now the question remains is wether the auto industry will align itself to this action plan or follow a different path in addressing the issue of Climate Change. For the purpose of this paper, the EU documents provide a framework on which the viewpoints and actions of the above mentioned car manufacturers can be compared and assessed. This document aims to inform policy makers, interested organizations and individuals about the process adopted by the EU and the German automobile industry in addressing Climate Change and the challenges associated with it. The paper not only presents the viewpoints of the auto manufacturers, but also sheds light on the progress they have made, their perception of the future in context of reduced CO2 emissions and other regulations that may follow. In the concluding section of the document a comparison is made with the Canadian situation. The apparent gap is big and there are not many initiatives in place to address the problem. The paper ends with a brief assessment of the impact of the regulation of car manufacturers and consumers and proposes a stronger regulation that limits the number of cars manufactured and increased investment in public transportation. This can only be achieved if all players - government, manufacturers and consumers - turn their focus away from individual mobility.